Bacterial Aerosols in the Dental Clinic: A Review

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Bacterial Aerosols in the Dental Clinic: A Review



A number of sources of bacterial aerosols exist within and outside the dental clinic. The concentration of bacterial aerosols and splatters appears to be highest during dental procedures, especially those generated by some procedures such as ultrasonic scaling, or using a high speed drill. Several infectious diseases could be transmitted to staff and patients by airborne bacterial and other contaminants in the dental clinic. Air-conditioning and ventilation systems should be regularly maintained to reduce environmental contaminants and to prevent recirculation of bacterial aerosols. Pre-procedural rinsing by patients with mouthwashes as well as vacuum and electrostatic extraction of aerosols during dental procedures could also be employed. Dental staff should also consider appropriate immunizations and continue to use personal protective measures, which reduce contact with bacterial aerosols and splatters in the dental clinic.


Citation text
Leggat PA, Kedjarune U. Bacterial aerosols in the dental clinic: a review. Int Dent J. 2001;51(1):39–44. doi:10.