Dentists at greater risk than nurses or flight attendants!

When the article and graphic ‘The Workers Who Face the Greatest Coronavirus Risk’ by This is not surprising news considering the proximity to patients and duration of that close proximity. Add this to the fact that most procedures performed in a general dental office produce copious amounts of aerosols and you have a high potential for an infectious environment. 

I’m posting this now because many dental offices are reopening for elective procedures. It may be the time to begin the return to “normal” life, but as dental practitioners we need to be diligent in our infection control measures to ensure that we do not become COVID hotspots. 

All dentists want to get back to work, but it is a big risk. The AeroShield™ FLOW helps to reduce bioaerosols at the source (the patient’s mouth) before they reach the dental provider. This is an essential layer of protection for working in this “new normal” environment. The new PPE in my office will include an N95 mask, a surgical gown and cap, a face shield, and the AeroShield™ FLOW for extraoral suction. 

Practice safely, 

-Allison Alexander, DMD