Important Blurbs: Covid is a blood vessel disease & transmission via the “droplet cloud”

Keeping up with the constant Covid information is not easy, especially when you are trying to get your practice up and running again. We are here to help you keep up at AeroShield™ Health. Here are a couple important blurbs:

“Donald G. McNeil Jr., who covers science for The Times, told The Daily podcast that when people talk or laugh, they create an “invisible mist” or a “droplet cloud” of tiny particles that floats around near their head. That fog can hold enough virus to transmit the disease; walking into it is akin to someone “spitting on your face.””

Evidence is also mounting, Donald said, that Covid-19 is more of a blood vessel disease than a respiratory disease. While the virus enters the body through the lungs, it seems to do its damage by attaching to the insides of blood vessels, infecting organs, like the kidneys and the brain, with lots of fine blood vessels. “When they do autopsies, they find thousands of tiny little blood clots all over the body,” Donald said. That explains why some patients may experience strokes, dementia and disorientation — and why children and young adults have experienced so-called Covid toe. 

Read the entire article here . 

Practice Safely, 

Allison Alexander, DMD, AeroShield™ Health