The AeroShield Story

Why? Because patients cannot wear masks during dental procedures.

It all started after we found out that Allison had worked on a patient who was quarantined because of COVID-19 but hadn’t warned her. After that, Brad didn’t even want her to go near her dental office again. He was afraid for her life. The first thing we did was try and buy a machine to clean the air in her office, but nothing we found was going to perform to our satisfaction. It became apparent that if we wanted a machine that did what we needed it to do, we would have to build it ourselves. 

We combined Allison’s medical knowledge and her hands-on experience as a dentist with Brad’s manufacturing experience and his knowledge of air extraction systems to create a device that dentists can depend on to work properly and keep them safer. We started from the ground up and designed specifically for dentists. Form, function, and maintenance are all centered around dental operatories and dental office staff.

Equip your operatory with the new AeroShield FLOW and let your staff and patients take a breath of fresh air