A New Layer of Infection Control for Dentists and Hygienists

Get back to work with confidence using the Aeroshield Aerosol Extractor

The threat level has changed in our industry ...

the technology has caught up.

Is your office up-to-date and protected?

We always knew bioaerosols were prevalent in dental operatories, we just never knew how dangerous they could be. SARS CoV-2 & Covid-19 opened our eyes to the risks dental professionals take every day while treating patients. We cannot go back to our old methods of infection control because they are just not enough. To substantially mitigate the risk of disease transmission through dental aerosols, we need to capture the aerosols before they get to the dental provider. Removing the contaminated air as it leaves the patient’s mouth allows immediate capture and filtration of the bioaerosols. This reduces the level of contaminants before they can even reach the dental professional. Contamination levels are reduced in the dental operatory and the entire office. 

Current ADA/CDC recommendations for Dental Offices (post COVID-19) are highly concerned with aerosols. Adding AeroShield FLOW Aerosol Extractors to your operatories gives an additional layer of infection control.