N95 FACE MASK DTC3Z NIOSH-APPROVED AeroSheild™-Approved - pack of 20 masks

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N95 FACE MASK style DTC3Z - Aeroshield™ Approved!

Dasheng DTC3Z NIOSH-approved TC-84A-8150

Pack of 20 masks.

These face masks are the best fitting ones we have found so far. An N95 mask is only as effective as its seal...it is of utmost importance that your N95/KN95 seals securely around your face so that no contaminated air enters the mask from the sides, top, or bottom. You may have noticed that some of the styles do not create a good seal, especially if you have a smaller face. A poor seal will lead to contaminated air leaking in around the edges of the mask and into your nose/mouth/lungs. The DTC3Z seals tightly all the way around creating a solid seal to keep pathogens out.

Pair this N95 mask with your AeroShield™ FLOW, a faceshield, and a surgical gown to provide multi-layered PPE for superior protection against pathogens.